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Educational Sessions

Kinex Occupational Therapy offers individual or group educational sessions on a variety of topics including office ergonomics, musculoskeletal injury prevention, safe material handling, falls prevention, among others. Our educational sessions include PowerPoint presentations, case studies, practical applications, and group discussions. Sessions can be customized to meet your needs.

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Ergonomic Assessment

Musculoskeletal injuries represent the highest percentage of work related time loss injuries in Manitoba (Safe Work Manitoba, 2010). As a result, occupational therapists are often consulted to complete ergonomic assessments. An ergonomic assessment examines elements of the person, environment and occupation to identify risk factors. Following the assessment, recommendations are provided to decrease the risk of musculoskeletal pain or injury. Benefits of an ergonomic assessment may include musculoskeletal injury prevention, reduced time loss, increased employee satisfaction and enhanced productivity.

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Functional Abilities Evaluation & Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional abilities evaluation (FAE) or functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an assessment used to collect objective information about an individual’s ability to complete job demands and potential for employment. During the assessment, the therapist will conduct a detailed medical history, clinical assessments, functional testing, and comparison of population norms using standardized tests, questionnaires, and work related tasks to determine the client’s physical impairments.

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Physical Demands Analysis & Job Demands Analysis

A physical demands analysis or job demands analysis is an assessment used to provide a detailed breakdown of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial and environmental demands of a job. Information is gathered using questionnaires, interviews, observations, and formal assessments. A Job Demands Analysis (JDA) may be used in conjunction with a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine if the client is able to complete the demands associated with their work.

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Standing Offer E60ZQ-140001/B - Ergonomic Assessments

Kinex Occupational Therapy provides ergonomic assessments for the Federal Government in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta under the standing offer E60ZQ-140001/B.

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