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Cognitive Work Hardening

Mental health claims in the workplace are rising. As a result, there is an increase in employee suffering and disability costs for the employer and insurer. At Kinex Therapy, we offer cognitive work hardening, an intervention that combines the principles of classical work hardening with mental health and the core elements of occupational therapy to promote an earlier, more successful return to work.

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Functional Abilities Evaluation & Functional Capacity Evaluation

A functional abilities evaluation (FAE) or functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an assessment used to collect objective information about an individual’s ability to complete job demands and potential for employment. During the assessment, the therapist will conduct a detailed medical history, clinical assessments, functional testing, and comparison of population norms using standardized tests, questionnaires, and work related tasks to determine the client’s physical impairments. The assessment requires full cooperation from the client and any interfering behaviours will be documented.

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Future Cost of Care

A future cost of care assessment, also known as a life care plan, is a systematic methodology used to determine an individual’s medical and rehabilitation needs for their life following injury or disability. These needs are based on review of medical documents, interviews, functional testing, and assessments. With a future cost of care assessment, a comprehensive report is compiled that details the individual’s ability to complete activities of daily living (e.g. feeding, dressing, grooming) and instrumental activities of daily living (e.g. personal, home, and community activities) and costs of future care needs.

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Percentage of Duties

This assessment is usually requested by an insurance company and quantifies what percentage of job demands a client is able or unable to complete post accident or injury. The clinician can also make recommendation to increase the client’s independence in job demands and strategies to increase the likelihood of a successful return to work.

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Personal Care Assessment

A personal care assessment is a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s personal care needs in all domains following an accident or injury. During the assessment, recommendations are made to increase safety and independence. Following, a comprehensive report will be prepared for the insurance provider.

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Physical Demands Analysis & Job Demands Analysis

A physical demands analysis or job demands analysis is an assessment used to provide a detailed breakdown of the physical, cognitive, psychosocial and environmental demands of a job. Information is gathered using questionnaires, interviews, observations, and formal assessments. A Job Demands Analysis (JDA) may be used in conjunction with a Functional Capacity Evaluation to determine if the client is able to complete the demands associated with their work.

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