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Kinex Occupational Therapy

Individual and Family Services

Cognitive Assessment

At Kinex, we complete various standardized and non-standardized cognitive assessments. Based on assessment results, evidence based interventions are developed aimed at improving cognitive deficits through remediation or compensation.

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Home Assessment

The occupational therapists at Kinex can be consulted to complete home assessments to identify hazards and make recommendations aimed at maximizing an individual's safety, function, and independence within their home. Recommendations may include environmental modification, equipment prescription, energy conservation strategies, and education.

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Kindergarten Readiness

Research shows that the skills and knowledge children have entering school are predictive of later achievement. As a result, Kinex Occupational Therapy offers an elite, innovative program aimed at improving children’s academic success and acceleration. This early intervention program is an intensive, integrated, program for children aged two to five. Emphasis is on achieving developmentally appropriate fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and visual motor skills.

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Prewriting & Handwriting

When children experience difficulty with printing, their overall school performance can be affected. Statically, problems with handwriting are the most common reason children are referred to occupational therapy. At Kinex, we teach children pre-writing and handwriting skills using evidence based, easy to learn techniques.

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Rehabilitation Programs

At Kinex we develop rehabilitation plans aimed at increasing a client’s function and independence in daily activities. Treatment plans may focus on improving mobility, motor skills, cognitive function, environmental accessibility, or participation in self-care, work or leisure tasks. Examples of rehabilitation programs include programs for individuals with Arthritis, Brain Injuries, Musculoskeletal Injuries, Strokes, among other diagnosis.

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Sensory Processing Disorder

Behavioural, social, academic, or motor coordination concerns are often cited when a child is suspected of having Sensory Processing Disorder. The occupational therapists at Kinex will evaluate your child to determine if a sensory processing problem is present. The therapist will then develop interventions focused on improving the way the brain processes and responds to sensory information. Programs can be developed for the child, school, daycare or home.

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Universal Design

Kinex Occupational Therapy offers universal design consultation to help identify practical solutions to ensure the environment (e.g. home, workplace, public spaces) is usable for all individuals. Kinex therapists work closely with clients, architects, and contractors to develop accessible environments. Kym Kaufmann and Shannon Bazilewich have researched, published and presented at various conferences on universal design.

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